Alexandra Birch

4.38 Informatics Forum
School of Informatics
10 Chrichton Street
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, EH8 9AB, UK
(office) +44 (0)131 650-8286


I am senior research associate at the Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation (ILCC), School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. I have been working in the field of machine translation on many different sub-fields including reordering, evaluation, semantics, and spoken language translation. My recent interests have focussed on neural machine translation where advances using sub-word units and monolingual data have beaten state-of-the-art baselines. More generally I am interested in how computational linguistics and machine learning can be combined to provide compelling NLP applications. Most of my work is done in conjunction with the STATMT group and the CSTR group. I am also working with a PhD Student Maria Nadejde on semantically informed machine translation, and with visiting student Tomasz Dwojak on efficient and hybrid architectures for neural machine translation.


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