I am interested in developing natural language processing and machine learning techniques to improve and enrich people’s access to information. Particularly, I build methods for automatic summarization, discourse parsing, and assessment of text quality.

In January 2013, I graduated with a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. Before starting at Penn, I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from College of Engineering-Guindy, Anna University located at Chennai, India.

I was born in Trichy, a beautiful temple city in South India.

Recent work:
  • A Bayesian Method to Incorporate Background Knowledge during Automatic Text Summarization, Annie Louis, Proceedings of ACL:Short Papers, 2014. [pdf]

  • Structured and Unstructured Cache Models for SMT Domain Adaptation, Annie Louis and Bonnie Webber, Proceedings of EACL 2014. [pdf]

  • Verbose, Laconic or Just Right: A Simple Computational Model of Content Appropriateness under Length Constraints, Annie Louis and Ani Nenkova, Proceedings of EACL 2014. [pdf]

  • The Wikipedia biographies corpus used in the SMT experiments in our EACL 14 paper can be downloaded from here

  • The corpus of science journalism articles used for our TACL 13 paper can be downloaded from here


alouis at inf dot ed dot ac dot uk

Informatics Forum 3.51
University of Edinburgh
10 Crichton Street
Edinburgh EH8 9AB