Annie Louis: Software and Resources

Here are some tools and data created for my work.

1. (DDD) Deep Dungeons and Dragons: RPG Transcripts: Corpus created for our NAACL 2018 paper.

2. Solution Complexity Corpus: The corpus of troubleshooting data and complexity annotations created for our TACL 2015 paper.

3. CTREES: Conversation Trees Corpus: The corpus of troubleshooting threads and trees created for our EMNLP 2015 paper.

4. WikiBio: The corpus of French-English aligned Wikipedia biographies used in our EACL 14 paper.

5. CATS: The corpus of science journalism articles used for our TACL 13 paper.

6. General specific annotations: Sentence-level annotations of specificity used for our work reported in IJCNLP '11 and ACL workshop '11 papers.

7. SIMetrix (Summary Input similarity Metrics): Tool to perform the automatic summary evaluation introduced in our EMNLP '09 paper. The tool implements the various input-summary similarity measures investigated in that work.

8. TopicS: A tool that computes topic words of an article. An implementation of the method from Lin and Hovy, "The automated acquisition of topic signatures for text summarization", COLING 2000.