Alex Simpson: Math. Struct. for Semantics

Mathematical Structures for Semantics (2001-2002)

This is the home page for the LFCS TPG course: Mathematical Structures for Semantics.

This half course covers a variety of mathematical structures used in semantics. The course is structured around a single weekly lecture in which a selected topic is reviewed. Reading lists are issued a week in advance of lectures, and lectures assume some acquaintance with this material. Each lecture covers a different topic, and aims to reach the frontier of research in that area.


Lectures: Thursdays 11-12, Room 4310

Course starts: Thursday 7th February

Course ends: Thursday 14th March

There will also be student-given lectures on miscellaneous topics in term 3.

Course outline

The reading lists will often contain a substantial amount of material for one week's reading. You should approach this by trying to obtain as good an overview as possible from the reading material, without necessarily following all technical details. The lectures should then help to consolidate your picture of the subject. After the lectures you should be well set up to read through the technical details of any topics that you find sufficiently interesting or useful.

  1. Thursday 7th February: Algebraic and continuous domains. (Handwritten lecture note. Contact me for a copy.)

    Other reading: [Sco72], [Plo83, Ch.6], [Smy83], [Jun89], [Jun90], [AR94].

  2. Thursday 21st February (note the postponement!): Recursive domain equations. Lecture note 2

    Other reading: [SP82], [Fre91], [Fre92], [Fio94], [Sim02], [Pit96].

  3. Thursday 28th February: Topological spaces from a computational perspective. Lecture note 3

    Other reading: [Vic89], [Joh86], [Abr91].

  4. Thursday 7th March: Equilogical spaces. Lecture note 4

    Other reading: [Sco72], [GHK80], [MS02], [Bau00].

  5. Thursday 14th March: Higher type exact real-number computation

  6. Friday 17th May, 2-5pm, room 2509, student presentations:


The course is assessed by a question on the LFCS TPG exam.


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