Research interests

  • Natural Language Generation
  • Dialogue systems
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Tutorial dialogue systems
  • Personalization
  • Corpus Annotation


  • Current:
  • Previous:
    • JAMES - EU FP7 Joint Action for Multimodal Embodied Social Systems. A socially intelligent humanoid robot.
    • Talisman - Smart Tourism project designed to enhance museum visitor experience through serving up personally relevant, bite-size chunks of information through the development and testing of a digitally enhanced take-home souvenir.
    • Beetle - a tutorial dialogue system for basic electronics, funded by the Office for Naval Research (ONR).
    • INDIGO - EU FP6 Interaction with Personality and Dialogue Enabled Robots

      “The goal of INDIGO is to develop technology that will facilitate the advancement of human-robot interaction. This will be achieved both by enabling robots to perceive natural human behaviour as well as by making them act in ways that are familiar to humans.”

      Video of INDIGO human-robot interaction trials.

    • Methodius - a Proof of Concept Project funded by the Scottish Executive to reimpliment the generation technology developed by the M-PIRO project.
    • CrAg- CRitical AGent dialogue, an Edinburgh-Stanford Link project
    • M-PIRO - EU FP5 Multilingual Personalised Information Objects
    • HCRC Map Task XML annotations, and the HCRC Map Task Corpus Interface demo.
    • MATE - EU LE4 Multilevel Annotation, Tools Engineering
    • NITE - Natural Interactivity, Tools Engineering

Recent Activities