Alison Pease

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A Computational Model of Lakatos-style Reasoning

Thesis [ps.gz]

Abstract [ps.gz]

Acknowledgements [ps.gz]

Table of contents [ps.gz]

Chapter One: Introduction [ps.gz]

Chapter Two: Motivation [ps.gz]

Chapter Three: Background [ps.gz]

Chapter Four: Overview of HRL [ps.gz]

Chapter Five: The method of surrender [ps.gz]

Chapter Six: The method of monster-barring [ps.gz]

Chapter Seven: The method of exception-barring [ps.gz]

Chapter Eight: A computational representation of Cauchy's proof [ps.gz]

Chapter Nine: The method of lemma-incorporation [ps.gz]

Chapter Ten: Testing hypotheses in HRL [ps.gz]

Chapter Eleven: Philosophical evaluation of the project [ps.gz]

Chapter Twelve: Application to automated theorem proving [ps.gz]

Chapter Thirteen: Further work [ps.gz]

Chapter Fourteen: Conclusions [ps.gz]

Appendix A: Polyhedra and their Euler characteristic [ps.gz]

Appendix B: Mathematical proofs [ps.gz]

Appendix C: Output from HRL [ps.gz]

Appendix C: Further details of HR [ps.gz]

Glossary: Philosophical terms [ps.gz]

Glossary: Mathematical terms [ps.gz]

Bibliography: [ps.gz]