You can make a difference

Our technique requires a large catalogue of healthy voices. We are able to build it thanks to those who come in and give their voice and their time, allowing their speech to be recorded and anonymously held in our voice catalogue. It will then be used along with other donors' voices to generate synthesised voices that are as close as possible to the patients' voice. It could also be used if needed to compensate for the symptoms found in the patient's speech. However, your voice remains exclusive to you, using our technology, only bits of it that cannot be recognised are ever used in the final "patient voice". Finally, your voice recording could also be used to build a synthetic version of your own voice should ever you need it in the future.

If you wish to book a suitable time for a voice donation, please fill in your email address below and select 'Register' to proceed. Once registered you will receive an email with your login details and instructions. For more information please visit our resources page.