L3 is an experimental configuration language for evaluating new configuration language features. The manual and compiler source are available for download (below).

Note that the language and compiler are both working prototypes: features will change between versions, and the code is neither complete, efficient, nor entirely correct! The current version ships with a binaries for OSX and Ubuntu. Compiling from source requires ghc 7.10.3.

Feedback / suggestions / comments welcome ...

Current Version

0.4.1:  h README.txt  h l3-0.4.1.tgz  h manual.pdf

Previous Versions

0.3.13:  h README.txt  h l3-dist-0.3.13.tgz  h manual.pdf
0.3.10:  h README.txt  h l3-dist-0.3.10.tgz  h manual.pdf