Adaptive Comparative Judgement
Informatics Teaching Day, May 2019 h slides
Simulations: h [1] h [2]


Composition and inheritance in declarative configuration languages
Microsoft Research, Cambridge, May 2017 h slides
Usability and confusion in configuration languages
CISA, Edinburgh, February 2017 h slides


Some thoughts on
 composition & references 
in declarative configurations
PL Interest Group, Edinburgh, March 2016 h slides
Describing system configurations with L3
CISA, Edinburgh, February 2016 h slides
Configuring and managing the Informatics computer systems
Innovative Learning Week workshop, Edinburgh, February 2016 h slides
Writing LCFG components
Innovative Learning Week workshop, Edinburgh, February 2016 h slides


Describing system configurations with L3
Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, December 2015 h slides


Declarative system configurations with constraints
IRILL Paris, December 2014 h slides
Formalising configuration languages: why is this important in practice?
LISA 2014, Seattle, November 2014 (poster) h poster
Orchestrating the student experience with social media tools
Intellectual virtues, group knowledge and education workshop, Edinburgh, May 2014 h slides
CISA, Edinburgh, February 2014 h slides
Provenance & semantics in configuration languages
Newcastle University, January 2014 h slides


OK - who broke everything?
CISA, Edinburgh, January 2013 h slides


Collaborative configurations
Data Intensive Research Group, Edinburgh, November 2012 h slides
Google Tech Talk, Mountain View, December h slides
Distributed configuration & service change planning
HP Labs, Bristol, February 2012 h slides
Multi-agent negotiation of virtual machine migration using the lightweight coordination calculus
KES AMSTA 2012, Dubrovnik, June 2012 h slides


Constraints, agents & planning in system configuration
PEPA Club, Edinburgh, December 2011 h slides
Three applications of intelligent configuration
WPI, Worcester & Brown University, Providence, December 2011 h slides
Configuring infrastructure for the cloud - automated planning & agents
KES AMSTA 2011, Manchester, June 2011 h slides


Fast and secure laptop backups with encrypted de-duplication
LISA, San Jose, November 2010 h slides
Configuring the cloud - inside & out
Mysore Park Workshop on Cloud Computing, Mysore, January 2010 h slides


The future of system configuration
Using LCFG - today & beyond, Edinburgh, December 2008
Ergonomic issues in system configuration
ACM CHIMIT, San Diego, November 2008
Programming the virtual infrastructure
LISA, San Diego, November 2008
LCFG: a practical tool for system configuration
Oslo University College, October 2008
System configuration
Oslo University College, October 2008
Programming the datacentre - challenges in system configuration
R2D2, Cambridge, May 2008 ICSA, Edinburgh, May 2008 HP, Palo Alto, June 2008
Managing real-world system configurations with constraints
ICN, Cancun, April 2008
System configuration
Leuven, February 2008


Mobile computing today
IT Futures Conference, Edinburgh, November 2007
System configuration and LCFG
LCFG Workshop, Edinburgh, June 2007
Writing LCFG components
LCFG Workshop, Edinburgh, June 2007
Toward broad-spectrum autonomic management
ICN, Martinique, April 2007
System configuration
UKUUG, Manchester, March 2007
Distributing system configuration
CISA, Edinburgh, February 2007


System configuration and LCFG - a “bottom up” approach
LCFG Workshop, Edinburgh, December 2006
Configuration validation with LCFG
LISA Configuration Workshop, Washington, December 2006
Web 2.0 and the University
IT Futures Conference, Edinburgh, December 2006


System configuration
LISA, San Diego, December 2005
Configuration tools - working together
LISA, San Diego, December 2005
Informatics, Edinburgh, November 2005


What is this thing called “System Configuration”?
LISA, Atlanta, November 2004
System administration and CDDLM
GGF12 Workshop, Brussels, September 2004
Autonomics in system configuration
Usenix, Boston, June 2004
Fabric configuration
ATSE, Edinburgh, April 2004
Automated reasoning problems in large scale system configuration
Automated Reasoning Group, Edinburgh, January 2004


SmartFrog meets LCFG - autonomous reconfiguration with central policy control
LISA, San Diego, October 2003
Specification languages for fabric configuration
GALT, Edinburgh, October 2003
Issues in large scale system configuration
IBM, Almaden, October 2003
What is this thing called “Configuration”?
LISA Configuration Workshop, San Diego, October 2003
The future of fabric management
GridPP Collaboration Meeting, Oxford, June 2003
Grids, web services, and peer-to-peer applications
Stargazing Conference, Edinburgh, April 2003


Automatic system configuration: tasks, principles and techniques
LISA Configuration Workshop, Philadelphia, 2002
Building DICE packages
Informatics, Edinburgh, 2002
Writing LCFG components
Informatics, Edinburgh, 2002
LCFG - the next generation
UKUUG, London, 2002
Software deployment and configuration
NeSc, Edinburgh, 2002


An LCFGng specification language
DIRC, Edinburgh, 2001 LFCS, Edinburgh, 2001


Designing manageable computer systems
ICSA, Edinburgh, February 2000


Software distribution and repositories
SANS, Baltimore, 1997
System configuration and installation
SANS, Baltimore, 1997