The HOL-CASL parser and checker

Installation: Unpack parser.tar.gz in a directory.
              The distribution contains the following files:

              casl               - the batch file for starting the tool
              .run-sml           - the Standard ML loader
              casl.sparc-solaris - the Standard ML heap image
              examples/	         - folder with examples
              casl.sty           - style file, needed for LaTeX output
              This distribution runs on sun sparc workstations
              under solaris only. A linux version will be prepred soon.

Usage: casl [-s] [-tex] [-a] [-h|--help] spec ... spec
Options:   -s    also perform static checking and mixfix analysis,
                 including overload resolution.
                 Note that the static checking is still incomplete.
                 The global environment is written to spec.env
           -tex  write LaTeX output to spec.tex
                 The generated LaTeX code output depends on the file
                 See Cofi Note C-2 for details, available under
                 Without simultaneous use of the -s option, the formulas
                 and terms are only displayed using the verbatim,
                 environment, with no pretty printing.
           -a    selects aterm input
           -h    display this help text
           spec  is a filename of a casl specification,
                 .casl will be appended

Output:   A file spec.aterm is generated. It contains the abstract
          syntax trees in the CasFix format, see
          see for details.

          Optionally, spec.tex and spec.env will be generated.

Bugs: The HOL-CASL system is still under construction
      and still in an experimental stage. The parser is quite stable,
      but the static semantic analysis is still being heavily under
      development. A list of known problems can be found under
      We are grateful for reporting any errors not covered by this list to

      The latest version of this tool can be obtained under
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