CS3 Programming Methodology - Group Project

CS3 Programming Methodology - Group Project

This page provides some basic pointers to material relevant to the practical work for Programming Methodology. The practical document provides the basic information relating to the project and includes the self-assessment forms you should use in assessing the practical.

The web is a very rich source of information relating to electronic cash. There is a large literature both from providers of such facilities, academics studying the issues surrounding electronic cash, and various groups that are opposed to the current proposals for electronic cash. Here are some good starting points:

Here is a requirements document for an unrelated system used in the course a few years ago, to give you an idea of what a requirements document might look like for a system larger than those treated in the lectures. Note that this example is much longer than the requirements document I expect you to produce!

Browsable documentation on the Moscow ML Library is here and a 2-up postscript version of the same thing is here.

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