Fiona McNeill
Address:  IF-2:02, +44 (0) 131 651 4161
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Stuff I like:
  • Running, cycling and swimming. I'm signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon in May, the Kelso sprint triathlon in August and the Gullane Beach Olympic-distance triathlon in September.
  • Books. As many books as possible. Especially 19th century novels (preferably by dour consumptive women or Trollope) and history (but not historical fiction, which is mostly very bad). Or poetry. Or anything really, except chick lit or sci fi.
  • Travelling. Especially for a long time with not very much money. Especially overland trips such as this trip and this trip (earlier trips not yet digitised). Especially to places where I don't speak the language (which, come to think of it, is pretty much everywhere). This is absolutely my favourite website .
  • Having people round for dinner, going to the pub and generally social occasions.