Federico Sangati's Homepage
Federico Sangati
Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation (ILCC)
University of Edinburgh

I'm a Post-Doc at the ILCC, University of Edinburgh.
I'm currently working on Natural Language Processing, more specifically on dependency and constituency parsing.
I'm part of the Syn-Sem project together with Frank Keller, Mirella Lapata, and William Blacoe.

I was a Ph.D student at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam, supervised by Rens Bod and Willem Zuidema.

School of Informatics,
Room IF-4.27
10 Crichton Street
Edinburgh EH8 9AB
E-mail: {firstname} (dot) {lastname} (at) gmail (dot) com
Telephone: +44 (0) 131 651 3173
Mobile:    +44 (0) 777 491 3434



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Double-DOP parser   Extract recurring fragments (FragmentSeeker) and use them to parse with the Double-DOP model.

TDS viewer and converter   Convert and view the Penn WSJ Treebank in Tesnière Dependency Structure.

FragmentSeeker   Kenel based tool to extract recurring fragments from large PS treebanks (last update 15.11.2010, all versions).

EvalC   Graphical tool for constituency parsing evaluation, similar to EvalB (last update 25.05.2010).

EvalD   Graphical tool for dependency parsing evaluation (last update 02.06.2010).

ConstTreeViewer   Constituency Structures Viewer (last update 13.05.2010).

DepTreeViewer   Dependency Structures Viewer (last update 17.02.2010).

CCGTreeViewer   CCG Structures Viewer (last update 17.02.2010).

Parc2Heads   Enriching the Penn WSJ treebank with head annotation from the Parc700 corpus.

TigerDB2Heads   Enriching the Tiger treebank with head annotation from the Tiger DB corpus.

Applet   Simulation on Evolution of Communication Conventions

TreeGrammars   The entire source code on Tree Grammars including most of the things above (last update 12.07.2013)


Eleusis     Eleusis Game     Test Eleusis Rules

Cellular Automata     Conway Game of Life Applet