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Archiving Scientific Data

Scientific and reference databases on the Web are a primary source of information. However, the data is subject to continuous change and often only the most recent versions are preserved. For many database providers it has become common practice to overwrite existing database states when changes occur and regularly publish new releases of the data on the Web. Failure to archive earlier states of the data may lead to the loss of scientific evidence, and the basis of findings may no longer be verifiable.

Our archiving tool XArch is an archive management system that allows one to maintain, populate, and query archives of multiple database versions. XArch is based on a nested merge approach that efficiently stores multiple database versions in a compact archive. The system allows one to create new archives, to merge new versions of data into existing archives, and execute both snapshot and temporal queries using a declarative query language.

XArch - The XML Archiver project

Data Cleansing and Data Quality

High costs and loss of reputation caused by data of poor quality made quality assurance and data cleansing hot topics in the business world. Recently, data quality is gaining attention in the scientific community as well. Within this project, we review existing data cleansing methods. We classify data deficiencies that diminish the quality of existing data sources and quality criteria that are affected by these deficiencies. Based on these classifications, we show which cleansing approaches are capable of handling which data deficiencies and quality criteria. We show why existing data cleansing techniques fall short for the domain of genome data and argue that merging overlapping data has outstanding ability to increase data accuracy.

DBIS: Data Cleansing of Genome Data @ Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Data Integration

Information integration is often faced with the problem that different data sources represent the same set of real-world objects, but give conflicting values for specific properties of these objects. The main objective of this project is to provide methods that aid the developer of an integrated system over overlapping, but contradicting, sources in the task of resolving value conflicts. In many cases, conflicts between contradicting sources do not occur by chance, but follow some systematic reason. Our goal is to identify such systematic conflicts and outline regular data patterns that occur in conjunction with them. Evaluated by an expert user, the discovered regularities provide insights on possible conflict reasons and help assess the quality of inconsistent values.

DBIS: Conflicts in Data Integration @ Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Applied Databases (Tutorials), 2008
Applied Databases (Tutorials), 2009
Conferences, Workshops & Journals (Peer-reviewed)
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    Data Quality in Genome Databases
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Other publications
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  • Heiko Müller
    Describing differences between overlapping databases
    Ph.D. Thesis, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 2009 (link)
  • Heiko Müller
    Archiving and Maintaining Curated Databases
    Grundlagen von Datenbanken, 2009, 135-139 (pdf)
  • Heiko Müller
    XArch - An Archive Management System
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    Problems, Methods, and Challenges in Comprehensive Data Cleansing
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  • Heiko Müller
    Realisierung eines einheitlichen Zugriffs auf molekular­biologische Genomkarten mit Hilfe von CORBA
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