A guide to using (ssh)console and conserver.


This document is a basic guide to using the conserver console server program within the school. It covers the use of the sshconsole and console commands, issues relating to the hardware and the specifics of the local configuration.

Table of Contents
Using sshconsole interactively
Non-interactive commands
Spying and bumping other users
Maintaining the server.
Rebooting, shutting down and powering off.
Modular connectors.
Things it doesn't do that I would like it to do.


The School maintains a number of console servers in order to remotely administer some of our servers. Each server is configured to provide a console session on a the first serial port (com1 on PC's, ttya on workstations), which is in turn linked via a series of RJ45 and DB9/25 serial connections to a serial port on the PC acting as the console server. A daemon, conserver, runs on each console server allowing network access. (ssh)console allows administrators to connect to the appropriate console server and access any console.