Cortical map development workshop at CNS*2006


James A. Bednar


Edinburgh, Scotland, 9:00am-12:00pm, Wednesday, July 19th.


Computational models of cortical map development have been able to explain many experimental findings from visual and other sensory cortices, including columnar organization, receptive field properties, lateral and feedback connection patterns, and adult plasticity.

The talks and discussion in this workshop will provide a brief survey of existing and future map modeling approaches, examining:

Other current topics related to cortical map development, or neural maps in general, are also very welcome.


Informal mini-symposium. An overview talk and informal research and discussion-oriented talks from a series of speakers are planned, with questions and comments encouraged throughout.

CNS meeting attendees are welcome to speak briefly about their own work or other current topics on an informal basis. Please just tell the organizer (Jim Bednar) what you would like to do, either by email to or verbally at the start of the workshop or during the CNS meeting. Prior contact is important only if you need to reserve time for a prepared presentation.


Currently scheduled presentations include: