General Course Guidelines That You Need To Know

In some instances, you will be working in small groups, to be assigned by the Instructor. Occasionally a written assignment may be given in class with the expectation that it will be completed during the class period. Advance notice will be given of any such assignments. ALL written work is to be the unique creation of the individual enrolled student. No written assignments may be done together unless explicit written permission is given by the Instructor. Unauthorized collaboration or the submission or work written by someone else may result in failure in the class and a formal report for academic dishonesty.

I take plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty very seriously.

Due dates and times are firm. All assignments must be turned in at the beginning of the class in which they are due, in hard copy word processed form. Electronic submissions and hand written work are not accepted. Late assignments are not accepted.

Attendance in class is expected. Please attempt to be on time. If you arrive late it interrupts the concentration of everyone in class. Many class activities will be done in a team and your failure to be there impacts others.

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