Overview of Schedule and Important Dates, Fall 2001

First Part of Term -- Academic Technical Writing:
August 31-October 12

Homework 1 Handed Out August 31 and Due Sept. 7 (Week 2)

Homework 2 Handed Out Sept. 14 and Due Sept. 21 (Week 4)

Homework 3 Handed Out Sept. 28 and Due Oct. 5 (Week 6)

Take Home Midterm Handed Out October 12

Take Home Midterm Due October 19 at the beginning of class

All rewrites for homeworks 2 and 3 are due by Monday, Oct. 22, no later than 4:30pm

Second Part of Term -- Industrial Technical Writing:
Oct 19-December 7

The following is an overview of the remainder of the term along with milestones for the project. The assignment due dates are intended as fixed, but the instructor reserves the right to make adjustments and changes based on unforeseen events affecting class progress.

Nov. 2
Turn in links to potential projects
Assign audience info sheet
Team presentation dates assigned

Nov. 9
Audience assessments due
Table of contents assigned

Nov. 16
Table of contents due
Chapter draft assigned
12:00 class only: 2 team presentations

Nov. 23
No class: Thanksgiving holiday

Nov. 30
Chapter draft due
Team presentations: both classes

Dec. 7
Last day of classes
Team presentations: both classes
Take home final handed out

Last Day of Class: December 7

Take Home Final Handed Out December 7

Take Home Final 12:00 Class Due Monday December 17 at 2:00pm

Take Home Final 1:00 Class Due Wednesday December 12 at 5:00pm

NOTE ON FINAL EXAM DATES: The Take Home Final will NOT be available early. Make your travel plans accordingly.

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