This page contains a gradually increasing selection of slides from various talks I've given. (If you went to a talk, and want me to put the slides up here, tell me so!) There's a bias towards newer talks, because in the old days I used a complex idiosyncratic lash-up to produce talks with reasonable display quality, before the days of pdflatex, beamer and acroread; and an even more Heath-Robinson mess to produce talks with animations.

Files are PDF if they're recent talks, or PS for older talks. Note that the slides often include incrementally displayed pages, so they're not suitable for printing. Where I have one to hand, I've also included 4-up or 6-up versions for printing.

IDT talk - To infinity - and beyond!

This was a talk for the Interdiscplinary Tea. It's a gentle introduction to infinite ordinals, and some big numbers.
Slides for presentation and 6-up for printing.

Dagstuhl talk - Fixpoint and Games

This was a talk given at a Dagstuhl seminar ``Topological and Game-Theoretic Aspects of Infinite Computations'', reviewing my work on fixpoint hierarchies in descriptive set theory.
Slides and 6-up for printing.

BCTCS 2007 - Independence-friendly logics

This was an invited talk at BCTCS 2007, in which I gave a general introduction to Hintikka's independence-friendly logics, and some of the things I've been doing with them.
Slides and 6-up for printing.
Julian Bradfield
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