Principles of Provenance group

Provenance refers to information about the source, origin, derivation or authorship of data. It has deep connections to topics such as program slicing, causality, explanation, and information flow security. The Principles of Provenance group performs fundamental research on provenance as well as principled system development.


Positions available


Current projects

  • Skye: A programming language bridging theory and practice for scientific data curation, funded by an ERC Consolidator Grant (2016-2021)
  • A Diagnostics Approach to Advanced Persistent Threat Prevention (ADAPT), in collaboration with Galois, Inc., Xerox PARC, and Oregon State University, funded by DARPA's Transparent Computing research program
  • Language-integrated provenance, funded by a Google Research Award
  • Provenance for configuration language security (Microsoft Research), in collaboration with Paul Anderson (Edinburgh) and Dimitrios Vytiniotis (MSR)
  • Language-based provenance security (AFOSR EOARD)

Past activities

Recent publications

For a more complete listing of provenance-related publications by us and other researchers in Edinburgh, see this page.

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