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I am Professor of Quantitative Modelling in the School of Informatics within the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.
I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
I am the Director of the LFCS (Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science) in the School of Informatics.
I am coordinator for the QUANTICOL project which is funded as part of the FET-Proactive FOCAS Programme

In 2004 I was the recipient of the first Roger Needham award.

Look here for information about applying to study for a PhD in Informatics at Edinburgh.

Personal Information and Pictures

Here is a recent picture of me.

Here is a picture of my crazy daughter Alice.

A recent picture of me working, and at the Computational Models for Cell Processes workshop at Formal Methods 2008, with Federica Ciocchetta

Click here for a picture of me at the Google party at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Chicago in October 2004.
You can also spot Wendy Hall (in the "e"), Vashti Galpin (in the yellow "o") and other members of the ACM-W Committee.

Click here for a picture of me with the Roger Needham award at the BCS/CPHC Grand Challenges Conference Dinner, March 2004.

Click here for a picture of me collecting my distinguished dissertation award at the BCS Annual Dinner in October 1995.

Click here for a picture of Marina Ribaudo (left) and me (right) at Loch Katrine in October 1994.

Jane Hillston (Jane.Hillston@ed.ac.uk)

School of Informatics,
Informatics Forum,
10 Crichton Street,
University of Edinburgh,
Edinburgh EH8 9AB, UK.

(+44) 0131-650-5199