Three journal papers

Three new journal papers were published and two of them are available to see online.

Analysis of unsupervised cross-lingual speaker adaptation for HMM-based speech synthesis using KLD-based transform mapping
Keiichiro Oura, Junichi Yamagishi, Mirjam Wester, Simon King, Keiichi Tokuda,
Speech Communication, Available online 5 January 2012

Speech synthesis technologies for individuals with vocal disabilities: Voice banking and reconstruction
Junichi Yamagishi, Christophe Veaux, Simon King and Steve Renals
Acoustical Science and Technology
Vol. 33 (2012) , No. 1 pp.1-5

山岸順一, C. Veaux, S. King, S. Renals,
(解説)音声の障害患者のための音声合成技術 – Voice banking and reconstruction
日本音響学会誌6712, pp587-592, 2011