Three PhD positions available

Three PhD positions available
Centre for Speech Technology Research
University of Edinburgh

uDialogue is a new JST CREST project, involving Nagoya Institute of Technology and the University of Edinburgh. Its objective is to develop a new spoken dialogue system framework based on user-generated content, and to advance speech recognition and synthesis technologies that strongly attract crowdsource dialogue content creators. uDialogue starts in October 2011, and has a duration of 5 years.

Three PhD positions in speech recognition and speech synthesis are available at CSTR, Edinburgh:

1. PhD position in speech recognition
2. PhD position in speech synthesis
3. PhD position in dialogue-content processing (content linking etc)

The PhD positions will start in September 2012, and have a duration of 4 years. They will include a 6-month internship at Nagoya. For details, please contact us by e-mail.