We would like to announce an open postdoc position in speech synthesis, voice reconstruction and personalised voice communication aids at University of Edinburgh. (This position is now closed!)


An Open Position for Postdoctoral Research Associate

The Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR)
University of Edinburgh

Job Description
The School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh invites applications for the post of Postdoctoral Research Associate on a project concerning voice reconstruction and personalised voice communication aids. The project will develop clinical applications of speaker-adaptive statistical text-to-speech synthesis in collaboration with the Euan MacDonald Centre, who are funding this project. Applications include the reconstruction of voices of patients who have disordered speech as a consequence of Motor Neurone Disease, by using statistical parametric model adaptation. The project will also investigate better voice reconstruction methods.

You will be part of a dynamic and creative research team within the Centre for Speech Technology Research, at the forefront of developments in statistical speech synthesis. The application of statistical parametric speech synthesis to clinical applications such as voice banking, voice reconstruction and assistive devices, is an exciting new development and an area in which we expect to have increased research activity in the coming years. We are seeking additional long-term funding for this work and there may be the possibility of extending this Research Associate position.

Person Specification
You have (or will be near completion of) a PhD in speech processing, computer science, cognitive science, linguistics, engineering, mathematics, or a related discipline.

You will have the necessary programming ability to conduct research in this area, a background in statistical modelling using Hidden Markov Models and strong experimental planning and execution skills.

A background in one or more of the following areas is also desirable: statistical parametric text-to-speech synthesis using HMMs and HSMMs; speaker adaptation using the MLLR or MAP family of techniques; familiarity with software tools including HTK, HTS, Festival; ability to implement web applications.; Familiarity with the issues surrounding degenerative diseases which affect speech, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson's disease, Cerebral Palsy or Multiple Sclerosis are is desirable.

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