Articulate: The Art and Science of Speech Synthesis

There will be a series of interactive exhibits illustrating different aspects of the speech synthesis technology, called "the Articulate" road show in December 2012.


Venues are

City Screen York
Monday 3 December 

Sheffield Winter Garden
Tuesday 4 December

Hull - Hull Truck Theatre
Wednesday 5 December

CSTR also demonstrates an exhibit related to speech synthesis: "It ain't what you say, it's the way that you say it".

Synthetic speech is often characterized by a monotonic, flat presentation. Modern text-to-speech systems are capable of much more: expression can be inserted in the speech. One question is how to control the expression. In this display a person will hear a monologue, but be able to control the way the speech sounds by way of gestures that they will make with their body.

What is this? Please try yourself in December!

Credit: Rob Clark, Magdalena Konkiewicz Anna, Maria Astrinaki