EMIME on Swedish radio

The EMIME project and cross-lingual synthetic speech samples created by Oura-kun has been introduced in the Swedish national radio, Sveriges Radio SR (P1)

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Have you wondered what it would sound like if you could speak Japanese or Finnish as effortlessly as your mother tongue? Within a  few years, a translation function with voice mimicry be available in  the mobile phone.It is the EU-funded research project that developed EMIME translation function with voice imitation. Speech technology expert  Mikko Kurimo at the Helsinki University of Technology,  explains that one can conduct an entire conversation using his  mobile was where it sounds like you speak and understand one  another's language without having had to devote years to the flexing  and rattling study your words.There is no easy task researchers have assumed when they tried to  create a voice imitating translators. First, the understanding of  what you say, then make an accurate translation, and so create a sound file where it sounds like you're saying the same thing, yet at  the Japanese example.It will require further around five years of development before we can have the function of our cell phones, think Mikko Kurimo,  but considering that there is a high point in getting away from the  erased and emotionally liberated computer generated voices that  exist in today's translation software.- The default is cast as the translation software today is very  boring and always the same. If you want to express something, it's  much better to have your own voice there.