Free HTS Voices

This page introduces our free HTS voices for Festival. For promoting speech synthesis technologies, these HTS voices are released under either the New BSD license (see or Creative Common Attribution (CC BY see in contrary to HTS Voice Library, which is only for research use. Using and distributing this software and voices is free (subject to a few simple conditions of each license)

Download URL
Spanish: CSTR-UPC-UPM HTS Voice for Festival (ver 0.8)

UK English: CSTR UK-English Female HTS voice for Flite + hts_engine_API and Festival

These HTS voices should run on any standard Unix platform:
Compile flite and hts_engine_API
% tar xvfz EnglishHTSVoices-ver1.0.tar.gz
% cd EnglishHTSVoices
% sh do_build

Packaged Free Voices (English and Spanish)
Source codes:
Windows Binary:

How to use Windows binary
1) Please unzip the
2) Please copy "festival" directory in the unzipped directory to top the directory of C:\\
3) Please click festival.exe
This Windows binary was created by Rob Clark.

The following voices are included in the windows binary (festival.exe)
voice_kal_diphone : diphone speech synthesiser
voice_cstr_us_awb_arctic_multisyn : unit selection speech synthesiser
voice_cmu_us_slt_arctic_hts : HMM-based speech synthesiser

voice_cstr_upc_upm_spanish_hts : HMM-based speech synthesiser

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