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The Isabelle Workshop 2007

A workshop at CADE'07, Bremen, Germany, 16th July 2007. The workshop organisers are Lucas Dixon and Moa Johansson.

Pictures from the workshop:

Thanks to Stefan Berghofer some photos from the Isabelle'07 workshop can be see here:


Isabelle is a popular generic theorem proving environment developed at Cambridge University and TU Munich. Developments in Isabelle are diverse and include ongoing work in formalised mathematics, software verification, proof planning, decision procedures and structured languages for proof representation and presentation.

This workshop aims to provides an overview of ongoing developments in Isabelle for both researchers interested in knowing more about the system as well Isabelle's developers and users. With the increasing use of the system and its combination of many automated deduction techniques, it is important to foster collaboration between different researchers. For the developers of Isabelle, meeting users is an important part of focusing development of the system. The workshop will also provide a forum to discuss new technologies and to see a wide range of applications for automated reasoning. Discussion of formal theory developments also gives a chance to share knowledge and encourage improvements to the underlying proof tools and definitional machinery. Most formalisations in Isabelle's are in Higher-Order Logic, but we also encourage discussion of developments in other logics.

Principal goals of the workshop:

  • Provide an overview of ongoing developments with Isabelle
  • Foster collaboration between different researchers
  • Share and solve problems
  • Forum for discussing future directions
  • Important Dates:

    Abstract submission:28 May 2007
    Acceptance notification: 5 June 2007
    Early registration for attendance (via CADE):10 June 2007
    Final version due:20 June 2007
    Workshop:16th of July 2007


    Authors are invited to submit abstracts for presentation at the workshop. These can concern finished work or work in progress and the length is up to the author. There will be a programme of short talks and demonstrations. A bound collection of abstracts will be circulated to participants and made available online.

    Submissions should be made via EasyChair To make the printed workshop proceedings consistent in style, please use the this latex template, or if you do not use latex, please make it look like this pdf, using an 11pt Time-Roman font.

    Although there will be no formal refereeing, if a large number of abstracts are received we may change the format so that some speakers give shorter talks.

    If you have any questions concerning submissions, please contact Moa Johansson.


  • Theory Developments,
  • Isar and Interfaces,
  • Definitional Machinery,
  • Proof Automation,
  • Future Directions
  • History:

    The last Isabelle Users Workshop (1995) was a long time ago. This received 18 submissions. The intention is to start a regular workshop for Isabelle users.

    Workshop Programme:

    For printing, you can download a PDF of the programme, or view see the programme only page.

    You can also download the PDF containing the abstracts from all the talks. A printed copy of this will be handed out at CADE registration to workshop participants.