Some useful links

My first touch with Internet was in 1997. I still remembered the first time I launched Netscape 3.0 on a Pentium 100 to look at the outside world. CGI program written in perl was becoming popular at that time. My favorite site at that time was, where tons of thousands of software can be downloaded freely.

On this page I list some URLs that I think are useful or worth visiting. Hope you can find some fun out of them too.

Some useful and interesting but little known software

  • GNU gengetopt
    You write a simple description of arguments, this little program then generates a C function that uses the GNU getopt_long(3) function to parse and validate the options. Cool!
  • Jam
    Jam is a free Make(1) replacement utility written in C. Jam has built-in support for most C/C++/Fortran Tool-chain, and can be easily extended to support new tools. The recipe of Jam is highly compact and portable. I use Jam as my default building tool on both MS-Windows and Unix.
  • Leo
    Leo is an outline editor written entriely in Python (with TK GUI). Actually, it is more than a simple editor. It has excellent support for so called literate programming approach that rivals traditional programming concept. I deem it to be the best Python-Tk application. Here is a screenshot of a running Leo instance (look carefully, that is an FVWM desktop configured to mimic the look and feel of ...). I really fall in love with this application.
  • marks
    Bookmark for shells, highly recommended.
  • recon
    This is a GUI Regular Expression Test Console written in Python and Tkinter. It is small and only has one file, yet as powerful as many heavy-weight alternatives written in other languages.
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