Moreno I. Coco
Faculdade de Psicologia, Universidade de Lisboa
Alameda da Universidade,
Lisboa 1649-013, Portugal 

Email: micoco at


I am a Research Fellow working at the Department of Psychology, University of Lisbon, funded through an Individual Research Fellowship awarded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. This project investigates event plausibility and contextual congruency of visual and linguistic information in verification tasks using behavioral (mouse-tracking) and imaging (EEG) techniques. Previously, I was a PhD and a Post-Doc at Institute of Language, Cognition and Computation of the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh working on an ERC grant (Synchronous Processing) investigating the interaction of visual attention and sentence processing during communicative, mainly language production, tasks situated in photo-realistic visual contexts. In this work, we combine experimental eye-tracking research with computational modeling.


Research Topic

Cognition is an integrated system built up via interactions occuring across different modalities.
I investigate how visual and linguistic information of scenes and sentences is integrated, the factors that are involved, and the cross-modal mechanisms utilized for processing and representation.
Through eye-tracking experiments on linguistic tasks situated in naturalistic scenes, I investigate how visual attention is guided by linguistic information, what is the role played by high- (e.g., context) and low-level (e.g., saliency) information, and how is the semantics of individual objects involved.
Experimental evidence has to be understood also through computational modeling. Thus, I am interested in quantifying the similarity between different streams of information, such as eye-movement and speech, and design computational models able to exploit this similarity to perform cross-modal predictions.
Lately, I got interested into dialogue, communicative efficiency, and the role played by cognitive alignment on the decision-making output.


Journal Publications


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  • Holly Branigan (University of Edinburgh)
  • Alasdair Clarke (University of Edinburgh)
  • Rick Dale (University of California, Merced)
  • Nick Duran (University of Arizona)
  • Maria Garraffa (University of NewCastle)
  • Frank Keller (University of Edinburgh)
  • George L. Malcolm (George Washington University)
  • Frederico J. Marques (Universidade de Lisboa)
  • Teaching Experience


    R code

    R is a statistical programming language, open source, supported by a marvellous community of friendly, active and helpful people, whom have coded thousand of fantastic libraries spanning the whole spectrum of statistical analysis, and beyond.
    Below, you can download my little contribution (instructions inside the files):

    I am also developing in collaboration with dr. Rick Dale (UC Merced) a library to perform Cross-Recurrence Quantification analysis on categorical and continuous time-series data. An official CRAN release can be found by clicking here.


    Organization and Revision

    I have been in the committee to organize the Language at Edinburgh Lunch (2008/2009) and student volunteer for the Cognitive Science Society.
    Ad-hoc reviewer for Applied Psycholinguistics, Cognition, Cognitive Science, JEP: Learning, Memory and Cognition, AMLAP and Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.


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