Mary Cryan's Personal Tutee appointments - February 2018

mcryan AT inf DOT ed DOT ac DOT uk
I will be holding individual meetings with 1st and 2nd year Personal Tutees in week 4 semester 2. Slots are listed below.
Please refresh the page before deciding on slot(s), as the free spaces may change quickly if multiple students reply to me around the same time. Then send me an email mentioning 2 options that you can make (there might be clashes for the slots).
My office is 5.18 in the Informatics Forum. (take the lift to the top floor, turn left, and follow the corridor round).

Wednesday, 7th Feb

  • 12:20: Zihang
  • 12:50: Smilte
  • 14:00: Ben
  • 14:30:

Thursday, 8th Feb

  • 12:00:
  • 14:00: Luke
  • 14:30:
  • 15:00:

Friday, 9th Feb

  • 14:00: Raitis
  • 14:30:
  • 15:00: Yu An
  • 15:30: Saad

email: mcryan AT inf DOT ed DOT ac DOT uk
6th Feb 2018