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Simon Ambler First Order Linear Logic and Symmetric Monoidal Closed Categories, Ph.D. Edinburgh 1991
Now a Lecturer in Computer Science at Leicester University.
Roger Hughes, Automated Interactive Software Verification and Synthesis, PhD. Brunel 1992
Now with Mentor Graphics
Michael Mendler A Modal Logic for Handling Constraints in Formal Hardware Verification (jointly supervised with Prof. R Burstall) Ph.D. Edinburgh 1992
Now Professor Grundlagen der Informatik, Bamberg, Germany
John Longley Realizability Toposes and Language Semantics, Ph.D. Edinburgh 1994
Now a lecturer in Informatics at Edinburgh.
Li-Guo Wang Formal Derivation of a Class of Computers , Ph.D. Edinburgh 1995
Now with BT Labs, Martlesham.
Roger Sayle Automated Synthesis of Delay-Insensitive Circuits, Ph.D. Edinburgh 1996
Now VP of bioinformatics eyesopen.com
Dilip Sequeira Type Inference with Bounded Quantification, Ph.D. Edinburgh 1997
Now with Harlequin Ltd.
Budi Ling, Reasoning about ML, M.Phil. Edinburgh 1998
Alvaro Moreira, Type Systems for Concurrent Languages, Ph.D. Edinburgh 1999
Chris Walton, Abstract Machines for Dynamic Computation Ph.D. Edinburgh 2001
Now a Research Fellow at Edinburgh

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