*  This file is a component of PropPlan - a model-based planner
 *  Copyright (C) 2000-2007  Michael Paul Fourman
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PropPlan is an AI planner.

It is written in Standard ML, but relies on Nick Chapman's C-Interface,
included in the Poly/ML compiler, to access the BuDDy BDD libraries.

sourceforge.net/projects/buddy     BuDDy BDD package
sourceforge.net/projects/polyml    Poly/ML compiler
www.polyml.org                     Poly/ML compiler
www.standardml.org                 ML documentation

The sourceforge propplan repository contains the following directories
src:  source code
doc:  documentation 
dist: distributions

== Getting started ... ==
First edit LOGIC/ml_bind.ml to select which BDD package to use
(Buddy  or Libbdd)

Compile BuDDy libraries into /usr/local/lib/libbdd.dylib 
(or modify location in file BUDDY.ML)
Adjust values for nodesize and cachesize in BUDDYLOGIC.ML if required.

or LIBBDD libraries as shared libraries in libbdd.so 
(set LOAD_LIBRARY_PATH appropriately) (or modify location in LIBBDD.ML)

Install PolyML (normally in  /usr/local/bin/poly)
Bash-3.2$ cd src
Bash-3.2$ make config
bash-3.2$ /usr/local/bin/poly
Poly/ML 5.2 Testing
> PolyML.make "PropPlan";


PropPlan.pp "domain.pddl" ["problem1.pddl",....,"problemn.pddl"];
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