The ICSA Sessions

The ICSA Sessions


The ICSA sessions offer a regular opportunity for ICSA members and friends to get together and chat in an informal environment. We meet as scheduled below, on Thursdays at 4pm.

Each session will have an "event" slot of no more than 30 minutes, followed by a chance to sit and talk, over food and drinks (ICSA supplies nibbles and some cold drinks, bring your own hot drinks). The event part can take many forms, but here are some suggestions:

One 30 minute slot can house several items, according to length.


If you would like to offer an item for the event slot, or to help with preparations (fetching and setting out cake and drinks) please get in touch with Murray Cole.

Current Schedule

The schedule for 2017-2018 is as follows, all meetings on Thursdays at 4pm, in Mini-Forum 2 or 4.31/33.

October 12th 2017ICSA StaffQuick-Fire Research PresentationsIF 4.31/33
November 30th 2017Chaoyun Zhang,
Mohamed Kassem,
Paul-Jules Micolet,
Saumay Dublish,
Priyank Faldu
Quick-Fire Research PresentationsIF 4.31/33
February 22nd 2018PhD StudentsQuick-Fire Research PresentationsIF MF2
May 3rd 2018Larisa Stoltzfus,
Martin Ruefenacht,
Justs Zarins

Past Schedules

The schedule for 2016-2017 was as below.

October 13th 2016ICSA StaffQuick-Fire Research Presentations
November 24th 2016Artemy Margaritov,
Davide Pinato,
Rui Li,
Arpit Joshi,
Kuba Kaszyk
Quick-Fire Research Presentations
February 16th 2017Xenofon Foukas,
Martin Ruefenacht,
Matt Pugh,
William Ogilive,
Chris Vasiladiotis

Paul Patras,
Michel Steuwer

Quick-Fire Research Presentations

New Research Programme in Internet of Things
New Research Programme in Programming Languages
May 4th 2017Bruno Bodin, Harry WagstaffSurprise Event

The schedule for 2015-2016 was as below.

October 1st 2015ICSA StaffQuick-Fire Research Presentations
October 29th 2015Murray ColeA Research Video
November 26th 2015Murray ColeApproximately the ICSA Quiz
February 18th 2016Saravana Rathinakumar,
Tom Spink,
Paschalis Mpeis,
Stan Manilov,
Priyank Faldu
Quick-Fire Research Presentations
April 21st 2016 Valentin Radu,
Praveen Tammana,
Toomas Remmelg,
Juan Fumero
Quick-Fire Research Presentations
June 16th 2016 Saumay Dublish,
Mohammed Kassem
Quick-Fire Research Presentations