Event Detection in Social Media

Event detection deals with finding breaking news in Social Media (typically Twitter). Examples of breaking news include the Twitter account of AP news being hacked (resulting in the Dow Jones plunging 145 points), the killing of Osama bin Laden, forest fires, traffic jams, celebraties dying, people inciting others to riot and more. Breaking news ranges from the most dramatic to the most mundane.

The main goal is to find all breaking news, as quickly as possible. With upwards of 143k Tweets per second (500 million per day), most of which is irrelevant, the challenges include developing machine learning methods that scale well and are capable of finding breaking news in a sea of garbage.

The project is a collaboration between Miles Osborne, Victor Lavrenko from the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, and Iadh Ounis, and Craig MacDonald from the School of Computer Science, University of Glasgow.


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