Alexandra Birch. Statistical Machine Translation.

Graduate students

Daniela Antonova. Computational Privacy.

Dominik Wurzer. Streaming Knowledge Based Acceleration.

Luke Shrimpton. Coreference for Streaming Documents.

Jo Taylor. Medical surveillance using Social Media.

Sean Moran . Projection and Quantisation methods for hashing.

MSc and PhD Projects

The Dearly Departed

Zhunchen Luo. Social Media (visitor, 2011 -- 2013)

Loic Dugast. Statistical Machine Translation (PhD 2013)

Sasa Petrovic. First Story Dection for Social Media (PhD 2012)

Joshua Ritterman. Prediction Markets and Social Media (MPhil 2012)

Oliver Wilson. Statistical Machine Translation (RA 2012).

Abby Levenberg. Randomised Language Modelling (PhD 2011)

Alexandra Birch. Reordering Metrics for Statistical Machine Translation. (PhD 2011).

Hieu Hoang. Statistical Machine Translation (PhD 2010)

Abhishek Arun. Statistical Machine Translation (PhD 2010)

Peter Bell . Covariance Modelling for Speech Recognition (PhD 2010)

Phil Blunsom. Phil worked on a three-year EPSRC-funded project which looked at large-scale discriminative training methods for Statistical Machine Translation.

Michael Kaisser. Acquiring Syntactic and Semantic Transformations in Question Answering (PhD 2009).

Sebastian Riedel . Structured/Relational Prediction and Learning using the Cutting Plane Method (PhD 2008)

Chongde Shi (Visitor, Bejing University) 2007 -- 2008

David Talbot. David worked on a 6-month project funded by a gift from Google and also did a PhD (RA, 2008, PhD 2009).

Alfred Dielmann. Automatic Recognition of Multiparty Human Interactions using Dynamic Bayesian Networks (PhD 2009)

Ruken Cakici. Categorial Grammars for Turkish (PhD 2009).

Marcus Becker. Active Learning for Parsing and Sequencing (PhD, 2008).

Chris Callison-Burch. Paraphrasing for Statistical Machine Translation. (PhD, 2007)

Andrew Smith. Logarithmic Opinion Pools for Conditional Random fields (PhD, 2007).

Amittai Axelrod. Factored Language Models for SMT (MSc by Research, 2006).

Jason Baldridge . ROSIE: RObust SEmantic Interpretation. This was a three year project (start date 1st October 2002) which was part of the Stanford link programme (Research Associate, 2005).

Trevor Cohn. Scaling Conditional Random Fields (Visitor, 2005)

Kihwang Lee. Structural ambiguity resolution in Korean (PhD, 2005).

Iain Bancarz . Feature selection for log-linear models (PhD, 2005).

Jay Crim (JHU, Visitor, 2004).