AI Ethics

Tutorial at IJCAI 2019, Macau, Sunday 11th August 2019

As the impact of AI on society is increasing rapidly, a breadth of ethical concerns are surfacing in the current debate on AI, and we are witnessing a transition from speculative explorations of its potential future impact on humanity to concrete ethical challenges encountered by businesses and governments as they are adopting AI technologies in real-world systems.

This tutorial will provide an overview of the current landscape in AI ethics covering both philosophical and societal questions as well as the practical methodologies and technical approaches that have been proposed to tackle some of these emerging problems.

The tutorial is broken down in two parts, one focusing on providing a gentle introduction to ethics, discussing key ethical issues in AI, and responsible research and innovation frameworks, and the other focusing on how we producing novel technical contributions to address ethical issues, with a particular focus on fairness.

The material presented in the tutorial will be structured based on the following outline, where each theoretical topic will be explored with the use of concrete case studies:

  1. Introduction
  • Why should we worry about AI ethics?
  • AI in the public perception
  • Categories of ethical issues
  • Values surrounding AI
  • Current efforts to produce ethics guidance
  • The research landscape
  1. AI Ethics
  • Philosophical foundations
  • Common-sense morality
  • The responsible scientist
  • Responsiblle research frameworks
  1. Ethical AI
  • Ethical agents and trusted systems
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Fairness
  • Social good
  • Human factors
  1. Conclusions

No formal technical knowledge is expected from attendees, except a general awareness of AI and it key methodologies. The tutorial is 99% interactive and 1% formal.