Computer code 

Here you find a collection of programmes used in the various publications.
General remarks:

Propagation of population coded information (Renart and MvR, NC 2011)

C++ Code

Spike distance (MvR, NC 2000)

C++ Code. This programme calcutes  the spike distance between two spike trains. Note that it would be much quicker to replace the temporal integral with a sum over all the spikes.

Spike timing dependent plasticity (MvR Bi Turrigiano, 2000)

C++ Code

Intrinsic excitability (Janowitz & MvR 2006)

C++ code

Discrete synapses (Barrett and MvR, 2008)

Matlab code

Charge-based noise analysis

Mathematica Octave Matlab and NeuronC code

Multiplication of firing rates

C++ code

Computing with population codes in I&F networks

C++ code


I really like the Xmgr plotting programme. A modern version exists as xmgrace, however I prefer the old version.

Here is the code that has been edited so that it will compile on modern Linuxes such as  Fedora 14,15,16 both 32 and 64 bits.
You will need libXext-devel,  libXp-devel, lesstif-devel, libXrender-devel, libXft-devel.

If many are interested, I might start to support this more officially.