Scripts for acoustic model training

Ossian includes a collection of scripts for training acoustic models which in the normal course of things are used to train HMMs after speech coding and text analysis have been done. Infact, some of these scripts will have been called if the commands given in this documentation to build demonstration voices have been run. This collection of scripts can be found under:


A number of different subrecipes are available, and can be added to. These subrecipes specify different ways of training acoustic models, and are selected by the relevant processors of top-level recipes. E.g. the recipe ossian-v.1.2/recipes/naive.cfg configures an acoustic model which is to be trained using the subrecipe called quick_voicebuild_01:

    class = AcousticModel.AcousticModel
    acoustic_subrecipe = quick_voicebuild_01
        BINMOD = " -B "

The scripts for these subrecipes are contained in ossian-v.?.?/scripts/acoustic_model_training/subrecipes/script, and default configurations for them are in ossian-v.?.?/scripts/acoustic_model_training/subrecipes/config_templates. The default configuration settings are overridden by top-level recipes by training_settings subsections: in the above excerpt from naive.cfg, for example, the value of BINMOD is set to be " -B " instead of the default " " – this means that acoustic models will be written out in HTK binary model format instead of the default ASCII.

Using the scripts without Ossian’s text processing

As well as using these scripts as part of an Ossian recipe, it is also possible to use them with already parameterised and annotated data (i.e. without using Ossian to do any speech coding or text analysis). This might be done to try out e.g. alternative TTS front-ends using acoustic models trained in a comparable way.

With the environment variable $OSSIAN pointing to the top directory of an Ossian installation (called something like ./ossian-v.1.2), the following command line can be used to train an acoustic model from some acoustic feature files in $FEAT_DIRECTORY, label files in $LABEL_DIRECTORY, and the question file at $QUESTIONS, and output a trained model under $OUTPUT:

$OSSIAN/scripts/acoustic_model_training/subrecipes/script/ \

Please modify standard_voicebuild.cfg or a copy of it to change default settings (e.g. 4 streams, 25 mel cepstral coefficients in the spectrum stream, etc.). standard_voicebuild_STRAIGHT.cfg is given for use with acoustic features like those used in the Voice Cloning Toolkit.

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