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This documentation describes an OLD VERSION of Ossian. For up-to-date code, please see this GitHub repository.

Ossian is a collection of Python code for building text-to-speech (TTS) systems, with an emphasis on easing research into building TTS systems with minimal expert supervision. Work on it started with funding from the EU FP7 Project Simple4All.

A core idea of Ossian is that a lot of the work for making a Python TTS system can be done by using existing modules. For example, instead of writing a module for manipulating and querying utterance structures from scratch, we can use existing XML and  XPATH implementations. Instead implementing a decision tree learning from scratch, we can use simply design the tools to work with existing open source machine learning packages, with the obvious benefit that many different methods besides decision trees are implemented with a unified interface. By depending on relevant Python core or 3rd party packages, we aim to make the original code of Ossian as minimal as possible.

If you are interested only in running existing voices, please take a look at Setting up and Basic operations. If you plan to build voices using already-defined recipes, these will also be helpful. If you plan to extend existing recipes or write new ones, the Tutorial sections might be of use.

The online version of this documentation here is often more up-to-date than the one included with releases of the code.


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