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What Kind of Logic?

Prolog is based on First Order Predicate Logic ---sometimes abbreviated to FOPL.

First order predicate logic implies the existence of a set of predicate symbols along with a set of connectives.

First order predicate logic implies that there is no means provided for ``talking about'' the predicates themselves.

Prolog is based on FOPL but uses a restricted version of the clausal form. Clausal form is a particular way of writing the propositions of FOPL. The restriction is known as Horn clause form.

Prolog is a so-called logic programming language. Strictly, it is not the only one but most such languages are its descendents.

We will spend a little time outlining the basic ideas underlying both propositional and predicate logic. It is not the intention to use Prolog as a vehicle to teach logic but some appreciation of the issues is invaluable.

Paul Brna
Mon May 24 20:14:48 BST 1999