Perdita Stevens

Professor of Mathematics of Software Engineering in the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh.

Bio and Contact information

I have (moderate, developmental) prosopagnosia, meaning that I am poor at recognising faces. Please don't take offence if I fail to recognise you: I do it to close friends and family too.


One-minute research video: Most recent talk video (see my YouTube playlist for more): videoed version of my keynote "Is bidirectionality important?" at STAF/ECMFA'18.

My interests include aspects of software engineering and aspects of theoretical computer science. Especially, I am interested in software design: what good design is, how people do it, how and to what extent tools can help. Currently, I am mostly interested in mathematical aspects of model-driven development, especially bidirectional model transformations. My main affiliation is with the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science.

Papers (etc.)


Working with me

Current students Recently graduated student: Cristina-Adriana Alexandru

I would be happy to hear from strong prospective PhD students. You can find information about how to apply for a PhD (or MSc) place centrally. Here are some specific notes about studying with me. Please note in particular that I get a lot of emails asking for PhD places that look as though they could have been copied unchanged to hundreds of academics. I do not reply to these.

Note that my role in supervising the students above is not always "first supervisor", so do use my work, not theirs, to judge the scope of my interests!

We have no internships, and there are currently no vacancies for research fellows.

I occasionally undertake consultancy in areas relating to my research, especially software modelling.

Teaching and administration

In 2018/19 I am teaching Software Design and Modelling.

I am a Personal Tutor. Information sheet.

I am Director of Academic Staff Development.

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