Perdita Stevens

Professor of Mathematics of Software Engineering in the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh.

Bio and Contact information

I have (moderate, developmental) prosopagnosia, meaning that I am poor at recognising faces. Please don't take offence if I fail to recognise you: I do it to close friends and family too.


One-minute research video: Most recent talk video (see my YouTube playlist for more): videoed version of a recent talk at Bx'18

My interests include aspects of software engineering and aspects of theoretical computer science. Especially, I am interested in software design: what good design is, how people do it, how and to what extent tools can help. Currently, I am mostly interested in mathematical aspects of model-driven development, especially bidirectional model transformations. My main affiliation is with the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science.

Papers (etc.)


Working with me

Recently graduated student: Cristina-Adriana Alexandru

I would be happy to hear from strong prospective PhD students. You can find information about how to apply for a PhD (or MSc) place centrally. Here are some specific notes about studying with me. Please note in particular that I get a lot of emails asking for PhD places that look as though they could have been copied unchanged to hundreds of academics. I do not reply to these.

We have no internships, and there are currently no vacancies for research fellows.

I occasionally undertake consultancy in areas relating to my research, especially software modelling.

Teaching and administration

In 2017/18 I am on sabbatical (partly in Oxford).

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