Errata and changes

Many thanks to those who have reported bugs and suggested improvements: please continue to do so.

Most of the points listed below are either easily resolvable typos or places where the wording could be clearer - corrections to what could be seen as "actual mistakes" are shown in bold.

Under Status, we list the earliest printing in which the correction appears. "Reported" means reported by us to AWL, so any such corrections should appear in the next printing.
Page Where Change Comment Status
28 Line 20 Replace "New books and journals arrive regularly, and are sometimes disposed of." with "New books and journals arrive regularly, and old ones are sometimes disposed of." 3rd printing
34 Line -14 Replace "It is important to be clear about what is meant by each of these terms" with "It is important to be clear about what is meant by each term (classname, etc.)." Wasn't clear what "terms" referred to. 3rd printing
36 Fig 3.4 and Fig 3.5 Multiplicities at the LibraryMember and MemberOfStaff ends of the three borrows/returns associations should be 0..1, not 1. Since a Copy or Journal object might, for anything we've said to the contrary, be in the system without being borrowed. 3rd printing
37 Fig 3.6 Delete free-floating "okToBorrow" under theCopy. I did mark this in the proofs! 3rd printing
40 Line -17 Delete "or signature" Signature of an operation, by convention, includes the operation's name; type does not. 3rd printing
70 Line -8 Replace 2 sentences "First pick ... the problem" with "First pick a typical scenario from a use case. For example, in the Borrow copy of book use case, start with the scenario of a borrower successfully borrowing a book. As the design becomes more solid, anyone who suspects that there may be a problem with the design can suggest a scenario that may illustrate the problem (e.g. what happens if there is no copy available). We hadn't defined scenario at this point: we hope this is clearer. 3rd printing
87 Fig 6.14 In class Module there is a row of 3 dots almost coincident with the bottom of the rectangle. Delete it. (The other row of dots stays.)3rd printing
91 Line 4 Reference Figure 6.16, not Figure 6.14 Avoids "which arrow?" confusion!3rd printing
162 the title of section 14.1 should be "Packages" not "Package" - this should be reflected in the mini-table-of-contents at the top of that page and in the main table of contents.3rd printing
224 Line 5 of Summary "need" should be "needed"3rd printing