Errata in, and changes to, the updated edition

Many thanks to those who have reported bugs and suggested improvements: please continue to do so.

"Reported" means reported by me to AWL, so any such corrections should appear in the next printing.
Page Where Change Comment Status
81 The constraint starting {self should (of course) end } not " No idea how this typo crept in, it was right in the original edition... Reported 7/7/00
82 Fig 6.10, 6.11The multiplicities at the Copy end of the Copy-Journal associations should be 1, not 1..* For consistency with the text "only ever one copy of a journal"Reported 3/8/00
85 Fig 6.13 In the lowest of the 3 boxes (the one labelled "Mark"), the lower of the two internal horizontal lines (the one just below "mark:int") should be deleted. This is a change I made in figure 6.12 but forgot to make in 6.13 -- sorry! (UML has changed: in 1.3 it says that empty compartments should be omitted.)Reported 27/10/99
116 l7 of Activations... "sends" should be "receives"! Sorry!Reported 7/7/00
122 DQ66 6.2.2 -> 6.2.1 Reported 6/11/99
131 Middle bullet point until x becomes less than 10 -> while x is less than 10 Brainstorm, sorry!Reported 18/1/00
158 Panel 13.1Clearer to have instanceName : ClassifierName (capitalising the C) It wasn't wrong before, but the capitalisation reminds the reader that any actual classifier name will be capitalisedReported 3/8/00
162 First bullet pointChapter 11 -> Chapter 9 Reported 3/8/00
199 Fig 17.4 In ExternalDataset, giveValue -> getValue Reported 25/1/00