AGENTA0deadlock (nil)
a.Aaction prefix
A + A(weak) choice
A | Aparallel composition
A \ arestriction of a single action
A \ Srestriction of a set
(A)you can use brackets just as you'd expect
Xagent variables begin with upper case
@divergence (for Walker-style divergence preorders etc.)
$ 0delayed nil (for TCCS)
$ a.Adelayed action prefix (for TCCS)
A ++ Astrong choice (for TCCS)
A1 : S1 | | A2 : S2synchronisation merge (CSP style) (S1 and S2 are action sets)
X(P,...)parameterised agent


The order of precedence is as usual: Summation binds the weakest, followed by Strong Summation, Parallel Composition, Prefixing, and finally Restriction and Relabelling. These precedence rules can be overcome by using parentheses.

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