L.A. diary


July 1997



[the past]





The New World

I still remember a scene from a western movie that I watched as a child: At the end of the movie, the outlaws fled from the advance of the railway tracks that threatened the world as they knew it. They went further west, but when they climbed the next range of hills, the Pacific opened up in front of them.

They reached the end. I feel like this about California. California is in many ways the newest state of the Union. Its total lack of history makes it a place without past, a place of the future. If you cannot find the New World here anymore, you will find it nowhere.

People came here in search for their new world. To arrange your life in the New World means to drop a lot of baggage: traditions, convictions, beliefs and material things that you once formed, and that now form you.

It is time again to take a new white sheet of paper and to start over again. The books of the past can always be found in the library.