L.A. diary


August 1997



[the past]






Los Angeles, where the people are fake.
Only the fires, earthquakes and riots are real.

Outdoor at Sunset Blvd.

"My vision at the time was that what DARPA and the country needed was an off campus university based information science research center with the skills and the commitment to be both a first class research center and a university-based center committed to creating directly militarily relevant research, while being responsible for technology transfer directly to the military via experimental programs.

(...) with 40% of the available funds spent on research and 60% on direct transfer of technology to the military. (...)

At the outset, one goal was to influence Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University to be more relevant to the needs of both the nation and the Department of Defense. (...)

As some may recall, for a while, ISIA was the primary computer for e-mail for all of DARPA and the US based military. (...)

Dr. Keith Uncapher, Founder of ISI,
my employer.

Ethnicity of Los Angeles County as of July 1995: Hispanic 3.9 million, White 3.4 million, Asian 1.1 million, Black 1.0 million.

California Department of Finance