L.A. diary


July 1998



[the past]





Life at the Beach

Late this afternoon I was feeling restless. It was not the low sugar level. Maybe it was triggered by an open question. People asked me today, "When are you moving to Venice?". On the weekend, I thought, there is so much stuff to pack.

But then I realized, that there is only little material things that one needs in life. So I packed the essentials in my car: futon, computer, culture bag, beer, and drove off west.

This brings up my first thoughts about coming to California, about going West. I reached the end of that journey. I could throw I stone from my front door and it lands in the Pacific Ocean. After the beach there is no more West.

So, in a way, I am living at the edge. Things are new again and exciting. Someone told me that the dreams of the first night in a new house come true. I'll better go to sleep then, but not without a walk on the sand.