Who I Am

I am a Research Associate in the CArD group in ICSA at the University of Edinburgh, working with Hugh Leather in the areas of compiler optimisations, runtime adaptation and auto-tuning, with an emphasis on issues of power and energy efficiency.

I earned my PhD at the University of Patras, Greece in July 2011 under Stefanos Kaxiras. My research during my PhD focused on the memory subsystem and its interaction with the processor.

From February to August 2007 I worked at Acumem AB on an internship.

I have a Diploma (BSc+MSc) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Patras.

Before all these, I spent my childhood in Southern Greece, mostly here and here

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My research is funded by the EPSRC ALEA Project, which aims at modelling and controlling the power efficiency of applications through source code transformations. My collaborators in ALEA are Dimitrios Nikolopoulos and Lev Mukhanov from Queen's University, Zheng Wang from Lancaster University, and Hugh Leather from the University of Edinburgh.

Other topics I currently work on include:

  • Dynamic skeleton autotuning (with Chris Cummins)
  • Efficient iterative compilation techniques (with William Ogilvie)
  • Fast function replaying (with Paschalis Mpeis)
  • Fast, approximate profiling for interactive applications (with Stephen Kyle)

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I am also a supervisor in the CDT in Pervasive Parallelism, a great EPSRC-funded program which offers fully funded four year studentship across all areas relevant to the "pervasive parallelism challenge". Students undertake an initial MSc by Research year, followed by three years of PhD study. For more information check the CDT PPar website.