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Informatics Forum
University of Edinburgh
10 Crichton Street

Office IF.5.22

I am a research fellow in the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science at Edinburgh.

I am interested in logic for computer science and work mostly on the verification of infinite processes. My current focus is on extensions of vector addition systems / Petri nets, for example with data, pushdown stack, alternation or branching.

Keywords: automata and formal languages, counter systems, pushdown automata, concurrency, algorithmic game theory, well-structured transition systems, model checking, equivalence checking, bisimulation, decision procedures.

Selected Publications

A full list ist available here and on dblp .


Recent Talks

Teaching 2015/2016 at Warwick

Short Bio

I spend a year each at the University of Warwick (2015) and LaBRI in Bordeaux (2014), where I had the pleasure of working with Ranko Lazić, Jérôme Leroux and Grégoire Sutre on extended vector addition systems. I did my PhD at LFCS, the University of Edinburgh, supervised by Colin Stirling and Richard Mayr. Before that, I studied informatics and worked as a teaching assistant at the universities of Hamburg and Munich and received a diploma (Dipl. Inf.) from the University of Hamburg.


I enjoy foosball, good whisky and am overly passionate about free software. In my spare time I develop alot, a terminal MUA for the notmuch mail indexer. I also wrote LaTeX beamer themes designed after the websites of the Universities of Edinburgh and Warwick, which I used for some of my talks.

I have a ha-index of 80.

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